Monday, March 5, 2012

Justin Timberlake given marriage advice

Justin Timberlake should avoid listening to 'all the BS' surrounding his relationship, says his former bandmate.

Justin and Jessica Biel have been together on-and-off for around five years. The hunk is understood to have popped the question over the Christmas break while the pair were holidaying together.

Justin's former *NSYNC bandmate Joey Fatone says the star should ignore comments surrounding his high-profile relationship.

"Don't listen to all the BS," he advised Justin in an interview with Parade magazine.

"Especially in his situation, he and his fiancée ... they're both in the limelight as well. It's tough for those celebrity couples. It's really hard."

Joey is married to his high school sweetheart Kelly Baldwin Fatone, and the pair have two daughters.

The star advised Justin and Jessica to keep their union healthy by always communicating their feelings to each other ' especially when children come into the equation.

'The key is to keep it happy, light, and fun. There can be a lot of drama, like when you have kids,' he said. 'And both of them have jobs where they are taken to different places. It's the communication that really needs to drive that relationship.'

It was recently reported that Justin and Jessica will marry on a private estate later this year.

They have so far kept details of their relationship private, with Jessica only showing off her engagement ring for the first time at the end of last month.

Recent reports claim they have actually already started planning the nuptials.

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